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ADSRReader Class Reference

This class is an ADSR filters. More...

#include <ADSRReader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ADSRReader (std::shared_ptr< IReader > reader, float attack, float decay, float sustain, float release)
 Creates a new ADSR reader.
virtual void read (int &length, bool &eos, sample_t *buffer)
 Request to read the next length samples out of the source.
void release ()
 Triggers the release.
- Public Member Functions inherited from EffectReader
 EffectReader (std::shared_ptr< IReader > reader)
 Creates a new effect reader.
virtual ~EffectReader ()
 Destroys the reader.
virtual bool isSeekable () const
 Tells whether the source provides seeking functionality or not.
virtual void seek (int position)
 Seeks to a specific position in the source.
virtual int getLength () const
 Returns an approximated length of the source in samples.
virtual int getPosition () const
 Returns the position of the source as a sample count value.
virtual Specs getSpecs () const
 Returns the specification of the reader.
- Public Member Functions inherited from IReader
virtual ~IReader ()
 Destroys the reader.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from EffectReader
std::shared_ptr< IReaderm_reader
 The reader to read from.

Detailed Description

This class is an ADSR filters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ADSRReader()

ADSRReader::ADSRReader ( std::shared_ptr< IReader > reader,
float attack,
float decay,
float sustain,
float release )

Creates a new ADSR reader.

readerThe reader to read from.
attackThe attack time in seconds.
decayThe decay time in seconds.
sustainThe sustain level, should be in range [0 - 1].
releaseThe release time in seconds.

Member Function Documentation

◆ read()

virtual void ADSRReader::read ( int & length,
bool & eos,
sample_t * buffer )

Request to read the next length samples out of the source.

The buffer supplied has the needed size.

[in,out]lengthThe count of samples that should be read. Shall contain the real count of samples after reading, in case there were only fewer samples available. A smaller value also indicates the end of the reader.
[out]eosEnd of stream, whether the end is reached or not.
[in]bufferThe pointer to the buffer to read into.

Reimplemented from EffectReader.

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