Audaspace 1.5.0
A high level audio library.
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2 * Copyright 2009-2016 Jörg Müller
3 *
4 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
5 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
6 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
7 *
8 *
9 *
10 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12 * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14 * limitations under the License.
15 ******************************************************************************/
17#pragma once
25#include "devices/IDevice.h"
26#include "devices/IHandle.h"
27#include "devices/I3DDevice.h"
28#include "devices/I3DHandle.h"
30#include "util/Buffer.h"
32#include <list>
33#include <mutex>
37class Mixer;
38class PitchReader;
39class ResampleReader;
55 class AUD_API SoftwareHandle : public IHandle, public I3DHandle
56 {
57 private:
58 // delete copy constructor and operator=
59 SoftwareHandle(const SoftwareHandle&) = delete;
60 SoftwareHandle& operator=(const SoftwareHandle&) = delete;
62 public:
64 std::shared_ptr<IReader> m_reader;
67 std::shared_ptr<PitchReader> m_pitch;
70 std::shared_ptr<ResampleReader> m_resampler;
73 std::shared_ptr<ChannelMapperReader> m_mapper;
79 bool m_keep;
91 float m_volume;
155 bool pause(bool keep);
157 public:
167 SoftwareHandle(SoftwareDevice* device, std::shared_ptr<IReader> reader, std::shared_ptr<PitchReader> pitch, std::shared_ptr<ResampleReader> resampler, std::shared_ptr<ChannelMapperReader> mapper, bool keep);
172 void update();
178 void setSpecs(Specs specs);
180 virtual ~SoftwareHandle() {}
181 virtual bool pause();
182 virtual bool resume();
183 virtual bool stop();
184 virtual bool getKeep();
185 virtual bool setKeep(bool keep);
186 virtual bool seek(double position);
187 virtual double getPosition();
188 virtual Status getStatus();
189 virtual float getVolume();
190 virtual bool setVolume(float volume);
191 virtual float getPitch();
192 virtual bool setPitch(float pitch);
193 virtual int getLoopCount();
194 virtual bool setLoopCount(int count);
195 virtual bool setStopCallback(stopCallback callback = 0, void* data = 0);
198 virtual bool setLocation(const Vector3& location);
200 virtual bool setVelocity(const Vector3& velocity);
202 virtual bool setOrientation(const Quaternion& orientation);
203 virtual bool isRelative();
204 virtual bool setRelative(bool relative);
205 virtual float getVolumeMaximum();
206 virtual bool setVolumeMaximum(float volume);
207 virtual float getVolumeMinimum();
208 virtual bool setVolumeMinimum(float volume);
209 virtual float getDistanceMaximum();
210 virtual bool setDistanceMaximum(float distance);
211 virtual float getDistanceReference();
212 virtual bool setDistanceReference(float distance);
213 virtual float getAttenuation();
214 virtual bool setAttenuation(float factor);
215 virtual float getConeAngleOuter();
216 virtual bool setConeAngleOuter(float angle);
217 virtual float getConeAngleInner();
218 virtual bool setConeAngleInner(float angle);
219 virtual float getConeVolumeOuter();
220 virtual bool setConeVolumeOuter(float volume);
221 };
231 std::shared_ptr<Mixer> m_mixer;
241 void create();
246 void destroy();
253 void mix(data_t* buffer, int length);
260 virtual void playing(bool playing)=0;
266 void setSpecs(Specs specs);
284 Buffer m_buffer;
289 std::list<std::shared_ptr<SoftwareHandle> > m_playingSounds;
294 std::list<std::shared_ptr<SoftwareHandle> > m_pausedSounds;
299 bool m_playback;
304 std::recursive_mutex m_mutex;
309 float m_volume;
312 Vector3 m_location;
315 Vector3 m_velocity;
318 Quaternion m_orientation;
321 float m_speed_of_sound;
324 float m_doppler_factor;
327 DistanceModel m_distance_model;
330 int m_flags;
333 DefaultSynchronizer m_synchronizer;
335 // delete copy constructor and operator=
336 SoftwareDevice(const SoftwareDevice&) = delete;
337 SoftwareDevice& operator=(const SoftwareDevice&) = delete;
346 static void setPanning(IHandle* handle, float pan);
354 virtual DeviceSpecs getSpecs() const;
355 virtual std::shared_ptr<IHandle> play(std::shared_ptr<IReader> reader, bool keep = false);
356 virtual std::shared_ptr<IHandle> play(std::shared_ptr<ISound> sound, bool keep = false);
357 virtual void stopAll();
358 virtual void lock();
359 virtual void unlock();
360 virtual float getVolume() const;
361 virtual void setVolume(float volume);
365 virtual void setListenerLocation(const Vector3& location);
367 virtual void setListenerVelocity(const Vector3& velocity);
369 virtual void setListenerOrientation(const Quaternion& orientation);
370 virtual float getSpeedOfSound() const;
371 virtual void setSpeedOfSound(float speed);
372 virtual float getDopplerFactor() const;
373 virtual void setDopplerFactor(float factor);
375 virtual void setDistanceModel(DistanceModel model);
Closes the audaspace namespace aud.
Definition Audaspace.h:119
Opens the audaspace namespace aud.
Definition Audaspace.h:116
#define AUD_API
Used for exporting symbols in the shared library.
Definition Audaspace.h:93
unsigned char data_t
Sample data type (format samples)
Definition Audaspace.h:129
The Buffer class.
The DefaultSynchronizer class.
Defines the I3DDevice interface as well as the different distance models.
Possible distance models for the 3D device.
Definition I3DDevice.h:35
The I3DHandle interface.
The IDevice interface.
Defines the IHandle interface as well as possible states of the handle.
Status of a playback handle.
Definition IHandle.h:31
void(* stopCallback)(void *)
The stopCallback is called when a handle reaches the end of the stream and thus gets stopped.
Definition IHandle.h:42
Resampling algorithm and quality.
Definition Specification.h:88
This class is a simple buffer in RAM which is 32 Byte aligned and provides resize functionality.
Definition Buffer.h:34
This class maps a sound source's channels to a specific output channel count.
Definition ChannelMapperReader.h:35
This class is a default ISynchronizer implementation that actually does no synchronization and is int...
Definition DefaultSynchronizer.h:34
The I3DDevice interface represents an output device for 3D sound.
Definition I3DDevice.h:53
The I3DHandle interface represents a playback handle for 3D sources.
Definition I3DHandle.h:39
The IDevice interface represents an output device for sound sources.
Definition IDevice.h:47
The IHandle interface represents a playback handles of a specific device.
Definition IHandle.h:49
This class enables global synchronization of several audio applications if supported.
Definition ISynchronizer.h:39
This abstract class is able to mix audiosignals with same channel count and sample rate and convert i...
Definition Mixer.h:40
This class reads another reader and changes it's pitch.
Definition PitchReader.h:33
This class represents a quaternion used for 3D rotations.
Definition Math3D.h:206
This is the base class for all resampling readers.
Definition ResampleReader.h:33
Saves the data for playback.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:56
virtual bool isRelative()
Checks whether the source location, velocity and orientation are relative to the listener.
virtual bool setVolumeMaximum(float volume)
Sets the maximum volume of a source.
virtual bool setPitch(float pitch)
Sets the pitch of a playing sound.
float m_distance_reference
Reference distance;.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:121
virtual bool setStopCallback(stopCallback callback=0, void *data=0)
Sets the callback function that's called when the end of a playing sound is reached.
virtual bool setVolume(float volume)
Sets the volume of a playing sound.
virtual bool setLocation(const Vector3 &location)
Sets the location of the source.
virtual float getVolumeMinimum()
Retrieves the minimum volume of a source.
std::shared_ptr< ResampleReader > m_resampler
The resample reader in between.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:70
float m_old_volume
The previous calculated final volume of the source.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:94
virtual bool setLoopCount(int count)
Sets the loop count of a playing sound.
SoftwareDevice * m_device
Own device.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:148
std::shared_ptr< PitchReader > m_pitch
The pitch reader in between.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:67
float m_user_pan
The user set panning for non-3D sources.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:88
virtual bool seek(double position)
Seeks in a played back sound.
float m_attenuation
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:124
virtual Status getStatus()
Returns the status of a played back sound.
virtual double getPosition()
Retrieves the current playback position of a sound.
virtual bool getKeep()
Gets the behaviour of the device for a played back sound when the sound doesn't return any more sampl...
virtual bool stop()
Stops a played back or paused sound.
void setSpecs(Specs specs)
Sets the audio output specification of the readers.
float m_volume
The calculated final volume of the source.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:91
std::shared_ptr< ChannelMapperReader > m_mapper
The channel mapper reader in between.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:73
int m_flags
Rendering flags.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:136
virtual bool pause()
Pauses a played back sound.
Quaternion m_orientation
Orientation in 3D Space.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:106
Vector3 m_velocity
Velocity in 3D Space.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:103
bool m_first_reading
Whether the source is being read for the first time.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:76
virtual bool setConeAngleOuter(float angle)
Sets the outer opening angle of the cone of a source.
virtual float getVolumeMaximum()
Retrieves the maximum volume of a source.
bool m_relative
Whether the position to the listener is relative or absolute.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:109
virtual bool setConeAngleInner(float angle)
Sets the inner opening angle of the cone of a source.
int m_loopcount
The loop count of the source.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:97
virtual float getPitch()
Retrieves the pitch of a playing sound.
float m_cone_angle_inner
Cone inner angle.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:130
virtual bool setVelocity(const Vector3 &velocity)
Sets the velocity of the source.
float m_volume_max
Maximum volume.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:112
virtual bool setDistanceMaximum(float distance)
Sets the maximum distance of a source.
virtual Vector3 getLocation()
Retrieves the location of the source.
virtual bool setDistanceReference(float distance)
Sets the reference distance of a source.
Vector3 m_location
Location in 3D Space.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:100
virtual bool setAttenuation(float factor)
Sets the attenuation of a source.
virtual bool setRelative(bool relative)
Sets whether the source location, velocity and orientation are relative to the listener.
virtual bool setOrientation(const Quaternion &orientation)
Sets the orientation of the source.
virtual Quaternion getOrientation()
Retrieves the orientation of the source.
SoftwareHandle(SoftwareDevice *device, std::shared_ptr< IReader > reader, std::shared_ptr< PitchReader > pitch, std::shared_ptr< ResampleReader > resampler, std::shared_ptr< ChannelMapperReader > mapper, bool keep)
Creates a new software handle.
virtual float getConeVolumeOuter()
Retrieves the outer volume of the cone of a source.
virtual bool setVolumeMinimum(float volume)
Sets the minimum volume of a source.
virtual float getAttenuation()
Retrieves the attenuation of a source.
float m_cone_angle_outer
Cone outer angle.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:127
float m_distance_max
Maximum distance.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:118
void update()
Updates the handle's playback parameters.
float m_user_volume
The user set volume of the source.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:85
bool pause(bool keep)
This method is for internal use only.
float m_user_pitch
The user set pitch of the source.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:82
std::shared_ptr< IReader > m_reader
The reader source.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:64
void * m_stop_data
Stop callback data.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:142
virtual bool setConeVolumeOuter(float volume)
Sets the outer volume of the cone of a source.
virtual float getDistanceMaximum()
Retrieves the maximum distance of a source.
virtual Vector3 getVelocity()
Retrieves the velocity of the source.
float m_cone_volume_outer
Cone outer volume.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:133
virtual float getConeAngleOuter()
Retrieves the outer opening angle of the cone of a source.
virtual int getLoopCount()
Retrieves the loop count of a playing sound.
virtual bool setKeep(bool keep)
Sets the behaviour of the device for a played back sound when the sound doesn't return any more sampl...
float m_volume_min
Minimum volume.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:115
bool m_keep
Whether to keep the source if end of it is reached.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:79
virtual float getDistanceReference()
Retrieves the reference distance of a source.
Status m_status
Current status of the handle.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:145
stopCallback m_stop
The stop callback.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:139
virtual bool resume()
Resumes a paused sound.
virtual float getVolume()
Retrieves the volume of a playing sound.
virtual float getConeAngleInner()
Retrieves the inner opening angle of the cone of a source.
The software device is a generic device with software mixing.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:52
DeviceSpecs m_specs
The specification of the device.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:226
std::shared_ptr< Mixer > m_mixer
The mixer.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:231
static void setPanning(IHandle *handle, float pan)
Sets the panning of a specific handle.
virtual float getDopplerFactor() const
Retrieves the doppler factor.
virtual float getVolume() const
Retrieves the overall device volume.
virtual void setListenerLocation(const Vector3 &location)
Sets the listener location.
virtual Quaternion getListenerOrientation() const
Retrieves the listener orientation.
virtual DeviceSpecs getSpecs() const
Returns the specification of the device.
virtual Vector3 getListenerLocation() const
Retrieves the listener location.
void setSpecs(DeviceSpecs specs)
Sets the audio output specification of the device.
virtual void setDopplerFactor(float factor)
Sets the doppler factor.
virtual void setDistanceModel(DistanceModel model)
Sets the distance model.
virtual void lock()
Locks the device.
virtual void setListenerVelocity(const Vector3 &velocity)
Sets the listener velocity.
virtual void unlock()
Unlocks the previously locked device.
virtual ISynchronizer * getSynchronizer()
Retrieves the synchronizer for this device, which enables accurate synchronization between audio play...
virtual std::shared_ptr< IHandle > play(std::shared_ptr< ISound > sound, bool keep=false)
Plays a sound source.
virtual Vector3 getListenerVelocity() const
Retrieves the listener velocity.
void create()
Initializes member variables.
virtual void setListenerOrientation(const Quaternion &orientation)
Sets the listener orientation.
virtual void setVolume(float volume)
Sets the overall device volume.
ResampleQuality m_quality
Resampling quality.
Definition SoftwareDevice.h:236
void setQuality(ResampleQuality quality)
Sets the resampling quality.
void mix(data_t *buffer, int length)
Mixes the next samples into the buffer.
virtual std::shared_ptr< IHandle > play(std::shared_ptr< IReader > reader, bool keep=false)
Plays a sound source.
void destroy()
Uninitializes member variables.
void setSpecs(Specs specs)
Sets the audio output specification of the device.
virtual void setSpeedOfSound(float speed)
Sets the speed of sound.
virtual DistanceModel getDistanceModel() const
Retrieves the distance model.
virtual void stopAll()
Stops all playing sounds.
virtual void playing(bool playing)=0
This function tells the device, to start or pause playback.
Empty default constructor.
virtual float getSpeedOfSound() const
Retrieves the speed of sound.
This class represents a 3 dimensional vector.
Definition Math3D.h:36
Specification of a sound device.
Definition Specification.h:129
Specification of a sound source.
Definition Specification.h:119